Louisiana Voodoo

by I Shalt Become

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SamsaraT Mesmerizing horror metal, occult and Poe-esque. The subtle production work pushes the downtempo drums, frosty guitars, as well as the atmospheric/orchestral elements to the background of a nightmarish haze. Far from gore metal, Louisiana Voodoo plumbs the tortuous corridors of the psyche, that ultimate haunted mansion. The last track is an epic adaptation of Lovecraft’s tale – not an audiobook dump, but a bona fide adaptation in I Shalt Become’s trademark sound. In the same vein: Nox Inferi. Favorite track: Strangers.
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Lust 06:40
Strangers 03:06
God eats no confidence Ruins as a matter of course And four hours worn on me A wasted touch of remorse. A quaalude for five.
The most horrible imagination And desperation Same ugly joke from the distorted clown The dried, peeling paint And eyes full of the sadness Another nightmare A forced laughter.
I've been known to practice Santeria Oft to conjure and exorcise your fevered demons I've been known to imagine, nay, dream That a little of the old witchcraft only hurts a few So open the gate for me.
Drowning 03:10
We're left to drown by the Indianapolis... Suffocating and torn It never sinks in the weight of expectation As the bodies drift away.
Rain 03:33
The dull aches with the crash of thunder The rain choking another cigarette Still, the drowned rats have earned their love.
Riot 03:55
And so we watch them burn Breathe in your dust Rage in your walls And I can see the fire in your eyes Under fire in your mind.
Braquemard 03:16
Sometimes the wounds have to wait But I'll torture you before too long We just don't want Jesus to see.
I'm the cold, steel barrel of the gun. Shame that time and age tear us apart One passes, one remains Fate wielding unforgiving hand The politics of your nothingness And you're still staring down at me.
History says I'm going crazy It's nothing...a greater pain than myself The problems come at night When it feels like you're all alone With only your Paris Green beside you And the same old pile of bones It is not my fault that I want to eat your corpse.


The latest I SHALT BECOME album, entitled "Louisiana Voodoo" follows the enigmatic S. Holliman further down the proverbial rabbit's hole ...


released October 29, 2013



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I Shalt Become Illinois

One man US black metal project started in 1995, no ideology, no belief, piss off.

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